The Binaïs Impact Services

We support our clients in developing and reworking business models.
We hand over own business models to individuals who think and act entrepreneurially. We support them personally and financially.
The joint venture service brings together strategic partners. Our services are dedicated to the development of sustainable business.

Creating a Business Model

Every business model, like a coin, has two sides. One side is the myth and the other a commercial orientation that we call alignment. It takes both sides to make the business model stand out. This text is dedicated to the development of the myth.

Business Model Alignment

The Business Model Alignment is the commercial insight into a business in creation. We identified five zones for a proper alignment. They are The why, What for, How come, Investments, and The return. It complements “Creating a Business Model”.

Joint Venture Service

The Binaïs Joint Venture Service has logically emerged from our other work. Joint Venture Service seeks and finds a strategic partner for a client. As a rule, there are two organizations whose assets complement each other strategically.