Joint Venture Service

Seeks and finds the strategic partner.

Binaïs Joint Venture Service

The Binaïs Joint Venture Service has logically emerged from our other work. Joint Venture Service seeks and finds a strategic partner for a client. As a rule, there are two organizations whose assets complement each other strategically.

The strategic partner has capabilities, products, channels, networks, or another asset that you do not have yourself. The gifts of the strategic partner can significantly develop your business. On the other hand, you have something that your potential partner lacks; something that develops his business significantly. Thus, Joint Venture Service is the successful combination of features that complement each other lucratively. Each partner gets something that he lacks and that makes him better. That can become a success story.

However, it takes more than just the desire for a shared adventure. Here, I outline some factors of a happy joint venture narrative. You know your skills and know what you are good at and why your customers buy your products. You can do something extraordinarily well. And you know the gaps. You know what is missing to do steps in a defined direction. You know what you need to significantly improve the existing performance, or what it needs to offer an attractive new service. A product that is different and better than what your customers already have. And something that makes your company attractive to new customers—especially because the competition does not have it.

You have an idea for that, and it has form, color and the smell of success. Now you have several options. You can build up the missing yourself. You can buy it. Or you can find a strategic partner who brings it in.

To develop it yourself would take years. For lack of financial means, you shelve the purchase; and also because what you are looking for does not exist. It must first be created with the bundle of added skills. So, you look for a partner. And that means you describe exactly what your idea is, what is missing, to realize it, and what gifts the partner must have you are looking for.

In addition, the joint venture needs a business model if it is to work and be successful. Well, the traditional model of a joint venture has a new business as a foundation. But there are other models that may be more interesting. Ask us, challenge us.