From the Binaïs product portfolio
ready to be handed over
to an entrepreneurial person.

These examples from our product portfolio represent concept sketches, or business plans, as well as already launched products that have taken first steps in the market.


Education is the foundation of wealth and health of individuals and societies. BinaïsEdu provides via Internet, timely and on demand, specific learning material and training for children and adults.

Drinking Water

Everyone has the right to clean drinking water. WaterPrim eliminates bacteria and viruses biologically with the simplest means that can be used anywhere. A drop disinfects a barrel of water.


AUR is an automated user registration that is recognized by the Swiss Justice and Police Department. Users of digital networks are recognized by the system, they no longer need to register or log in.


HMMAMPHaDAY is a nutritional bar that provides food for a whole day; an adult person is sufficiently nourished for 24 hours. Specially designed for rapid disaster relief and other extreme situations. 


WonderHeal is a sustainably produced biological agent for the rapid healing of open wounds in animals—cuts time for healing by more than half. The product is ready for testing for approval.

Earn a Living

Millions eagerly move from absolute poverty towards a so called new middle class. What they need most is a small affordable loan and a smart payment system. That’s why we’re creating IndexPayment.


medit supports and improves the daily medical praxis. medit enables to extract the relevant knowledge from the various health systems into innovative solutions to everybody’s benefit.