Become a member of the Binaïs team

Become a member of the Binaïs team. Bring your skills and the will to shape into the team. Your contributions and your team spirit make our model even better, day by day.

Become a part of how we see, run and experience business. We look at business from a stakeholder welfare point of view. Nevertheless, in everything we do we keep a commercial perspective. But it is not the only and unique orientation. Therefore, shareholder value is part of our stakeholder welfare view and strategy, and not a one-sided driver.

Our business is to develop innovative business models that we turn into a new business for the benefit of all groups we are in contact with. We run the new business ourselves, or we sell or franchise it.

Become a Binaïs Entrepreneur

We look for the leader to develop a promising business model further. 

Your ambition is to become a Binaïs Entrepreneur who shapes and leads the new business. Your ability is to grow with the business and to learn from ancestors. We expect team spirit, the will to learn and to pass on what has been learned. Of course, it needs an adequate background and personality.

You should be or become able to run the business in a general management manner. That means, you know the biggest drivers of performance and success. You are able to create adequate processes and execute them yourselves. As business progresses you hand them over to coworkers of your own selection. You cooperate fruitfully with customers, suppliers, and you know your endusers.

As a Binaïs Entrepreneur you are a member of the Creation Team, and you have the opportunity to become a member of the Executive Board.

If you want to know more about a specific job or become part of our team, write to Kim Larsen. He will answer immediately.

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