Innovative business models better lives

Our activities go back into 1993. In that year, the two friends, Jon Boner and Gerhard Budde, founded Binaïs BV in Amsterdam. Binaïs used the hub for its international M&A business in the direct marketing field. Occasionally, we improved business models to make a bride more interesting. Later, when Gerhard Budde lived in Belgium, Jon Boner moved the company to Switzerland. Binaïs GmbH, Zurich, continued the M&A business and developed Internet-based business models. These models were equipped with the necessary software.

Today, Binaïs is a stock company and has the primary field of activity in electronically related projects and businesses. And Binaïs still develops business models for discovered opportunities. Starts the business with its own money and is then looking for investors to boldly penetrate the market. Binaïs still maintains the M&A business when an opportunity arises which corresponds to Binaïs’ intentions.

Recently, more and more stationary retail companies are pushing into the Internet business. Also manufacturers are looking to expand their distribution base through the Internet sales. If this companies lack the necessary knowledge and skills, we can make a significant contribution to the success of the project thanks to our experience and own solutions in AI and machine learning.

Some business models seem to work successfully over decades. But when we look closely, we see how they have been constantly changed. The very successful business models have anticipated or even initiated developments, and they have changed markets and how we live. And, most importantly, they have made companies financially successful.

A well deployed innovative business model takes an organisation from where it is now to where it could ideally be tomorrow. Understanding the gap between a current state and an ideal future state is the foundation to create a world changing business model. A well thought out and powerful implemented new model or the outstandingly reworked existing model bridges from here to there. And both need deep insights into people’s behaviors, hopes and desires, and into the undercurrents of change. Creative thinking draws the unseen and unknown into a possible future. It creates multimillion opportunities. Innovative business models often disrupt markets and always better lives. Sometimes they enrich the world. And sometimes they change the world too.

Live is change and so is business. It is a matter of time when a business model loses the response and favor of its customers. Foresight is needed.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur. But, who goes the extra miles, shows leadership and has deeply understood values deserves to be supported.

The Enlightenment works. The Age of Enlightenment is a big narrative. The ideals of reason, science, and humanism may even be the greatest story ever.

Innovative business models

disrupt, and they enrich the world.

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True Pioneers

If innovative business models are to be successful, they need entrepreneurs. From our point of view, our entrepreneurs are the true pioneers. They commit to an unknown endeavor. There are few to no reports of results. They can not rest assured that others have preceded. They must trust themselves. They are impressed by the model and have the courage and stamina to make them a success.  
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Jon Boner, Executive Chairman Binaïs Ltd