A highly committed team

It takes enthusiastic and capable people to make a newly created business successful. Our business models are so knitted that no or little investment is needed to bring them to life and make them successful. They are designed to generate income.

According to a Gallup study, there are 1.8 billion people without a job. And that means they are often without income. Simple and fast-acting business models can help to make the big ditch a little smaller. That is our inner drive to do a good job.

Jon Boner, Founder
“I founded Binaïs in 1993 together with my friend Gerhard Budde. In my youth I had the chance to make a marketing career at Colgate Palmolive becoming a Senior Product Manager and Member of an European Innovation Group. Later I joined Stanley Tools being responsible for the Swiss and Austrian markets. Then I ran Jelmoli’s direct marketing operations before founding the Binaïs company together with my friend Gerhard Budde. I love Binaïs, I know that it will have a great future.”
Jon Boner

Luca Denti
Luca is an electrical engineer educated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) and founder of Warp Link, one of the oldest Internet providers still active in Switzerland. In more than 20 years of activity Luca implemented projects in various sectors, from the creation of networks, the management of cloud, VoIP, programs for the retail and financial services sectors using cutting edge web technologies for customer like UBS, ABB and Condecta among others. His strength resides in deploying and operating projects by analyzing operational issues at the level of programming obtaining productive tested, highly functional and easily manageable products.

Kim Larsen
Kim brings over 30 years of sales management and business development experience from the IT industry and management consulting. Strategic and empathetic. Analytical and unconventional. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Kim will drive Binaïs’ visions in the stimulating environments, always with a strong ‘go-do’ attitude. Kim states, “Basically, my main motivation is to lead new business development and sales from the front and ensure that the targets are accomplished through an intelligent strategy, which takes into account stakeholders, company, achievements and future opportunities. For me it’s first and foremost to make it happen.”

Achim Niemeyer, Cooperations
Achim has been in various management functions for nearly 30 years now. Originally educated in law he soon took over executive positions in marketing, procurement, sales and business development. Based on his intercultural and social skills he has a bespoke expertise for extremely complex negotiations and is known as an absolutely reliable business partner. He strongly believes in the power of liability and honesty. Achim is focused on long term relationships, achieved by confidential partnership. The deep understanding of client’s needs and his aim to get to the bottom of the real challenges are the basis for his efforts. Providing valuable contributions to the customer’s business is his main objective.

Every company has a business model regardless of whether it has visualized or written it down. Starting a new business starts with an idea and the vision of how the idea is born. How the idea becomes a flourishing company. Our passion is to turn ideas into suitable models. We are pretty good in that. To put it into practice is already more difficult. But we have achieved that our models work. Probably because we believe in it ourselves and are prepared to make corrections where they are necessary.

The following presents examples from our portfolio. The developed products have already taken first steps in the market.

Everyone has the right to education. Learning material and training can be taught quickly and on demand via the Internet. Education is the foundation of wealth and health of individuals and societies.

Everyone has the right to clean drinking water. WaterPrim eliminates bacteria and viruses biologically with the simplest means that can be used anywhere. A drop disinfects a barrel of water.

AUR is an automated user registration that is recognized by the Swiss Justice and Police Department. Users of digital networks are recognized by the system, they no longer need to register or log in.