We invest in sustainable businesses.
It can be an existing business,
a start-up, or a business idea.
We also jointly co-invest with partners
who share our value.


Sustainable business

Sustainability is a challenge and an opportunity and not an ideology. The spiralling growth of the global population, the need for less social inequality, and finite resources change how we perceive and monitor the world—moreover, how we behave. Therefore, sustainability is a matter of course. No wonder that our resources are more carefully aligned with sustainability.

Resource allocation

We allocate our resources in accordance with our values: Not to harm willingly and knowingly people, animals, bushes, and stones; Thinking globally; Acting sustainably to the advantage of individuals, groups and entities to whom we are directly and indirectly connected. Consequently, we promote individuals who are able to entrepreneurially follow our values.


We rework insights.


We invest in sustainable business.

We invest in sustainable business with social impact. Because it is the adequate way to express our values.

For 25 years, we develop sustainable business models. We have learned that even a modest idea can be exceptionally successful as long as it follows our sustainable business value. And most importantly, that it is driven by entrepreneurial spirit—therefore, leadership that goes the extra mile is a key ingredient beside the sustainable business model. Success comes from people’s engagement, commitment and motivation. Such leadership is today’s luxury. It creates sustainable business success.

Nevertheless, a well prepared sustainable business model makes an excellent starting point. It is like a raw diamond that is here to be shaped and polished. Therefore, we hand over our sustainable business models to people who think and act entrepreneurially—we call them the Binaïs entrepreneurs.

To become a Binaïs entrepreneur does not require financial equity. However, it takes a whopping amount of commitment, dedication and the ability and the will to build an own sustainable business from scratch.


Live is change and so is business. It is a matter of time when a business model loses the response and favor of its customers. Foresight is needed.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur. But, who goes the extra miles, shows leadership and has deeply understood values deserves to be supported.

The Enlightenment works. The Age of Enlightenment is a big narrative. The ideals of reason, science, and humanism may even be the greatest story ever.

Our entrepreneurs are the true pioneers. They commit to an innovative business model and, somehow, to an unknown endeavor. They trust themselves.